Button Moon Trust - Trustees

Ian Allen – Chairperson

Ian Allen is a puppeteer, writer, director and actor. He runs Playboard Puppets which he set up with the late John Thirtle. Ian created the classic children’s tv series Button Moon and The Spooks of Bottle Bay.

He has written and directed numerous theatre shows, as well as working with The Muppets and on advertising campaigns such as the Nat West Pigs. Ian has recently lectured at the BFI (British Film Institute). His vast – and unique – collection of advertising memorabilia has featured in many books, magazines and programmes.


Kate Shortt – Trustee

Kate Shortt is a freelance cellist, vocalist and workshop leader. Her work takes her through varying genres, like Portuegese fado, Classical, Jazz, Theatre, Rock and Contemporary. Work with pop artists include Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet, Take That and Simon Le Bon. 

In the contemporary theatre world she has performed and toured with composer Jocelyn Pook. Kate’s one woman show ‘Shortt and Sweett’  was born in London, Islington at the Kings Head Theatre in 1991 and consists of original songs, impressions and comedy. 


Roman Stefanski – Trustee

Roman Stephanski is a director, actor and teacher, specialising in work for children.

He has been associated with The Polka Theatre in Wimbledon, London since 1980. 

“I really enjoy the technical challenges. Working in a low budget, low tech environment means you have to be creatively ingenious and I’m a techie too, so I can talk their language”.


Martin Humphries – Trustee

Martin Humphries was born in Bristol in 1955. He grew up in Portishead and came to London when he was 19. After University he worked at Oval House Theatre and Community Centre [Now Brixton House] where he met his husband Ronald Grant.
In 1984 they Co-founded The Cinema Museum. Now based in The Old Lambeth Workhouse in Kennington, London. He is a published writer and poet.
martin humphries