History of Button Moon

Button Moon was originally conceived by Ian Allen as a stage show for Playboard Puppets in 1978. Adapted as a TV series for Thames two years later, Button Moon has now become a household name.


The TV show centred on the Spoon family who fly to Button Moon where they have adventures with other puppet characters – all made from plastic bottles, wooden spoons and even plastic bananas! Aimed at young children, the TV show was devised and written by Ian Allen and ran for 7 series with a total of 91 different delightful Button Moon adventures.

The series were repeated on a yearly basis for Thames TV up until 1988. All 91 episodes have been shown on satellite channel UK Gold since spring 1993.

Button Moon has been sold abroad in the following places: New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Kenya, Swaziland and Albania!

You can proudly show your appreciation of the legendary show, by sporting a Button Moon t-shirt or hoodie.  The Button Moon Trust will receive a donation from all Button Moon merchandise sold, when purchased through Truffle Shuffle.